Abbie Winters is a designer and illustrator based in NYC.

ROLE : Graphic design, illustration, art direction
CREDITS : Photography by Erin Yamagata, Design Direction by Ly Ngo
Based on Refinery29’s popular editorial series, the Money Diaries Book offers up serviceable financial advice for millennial women. My role was to define the visual voice of the book, alongside the design director, as well as to create all illustrations and promotional materials for the book.
ROLE : Design, illustration, art direction
CLIENT : Together Vintage
A vintage shop lead by a mission to bring people closer through the joy of discovering forgotten treasures. I holistically conducted the rebrand, creating the visual identity, collateral items, as well as the digital presence on web and email.
ROLE : Design
CREDITS • Design lead, Abby Chen
Axios is a news and media company with a mission to deliver news in a smarter and faster way. I was part of a two-designer-team executing the in-house rebrand. Our goal was to create a visual language that is as smart, clean, and efficient as the reporting.
ROLE : Design, art direction
CREDITS • Photos from Unsplash
CLIENT • Yoga Coalition
A yoga collective focused on inclusivity and diversity across the U.S. The identity was created to feel soothing yet playful. I chose to use Labil Grotesk, by Kometa, as the main typeface. The playful tilting letters represent the experience of practicing yoga...Sometimes you fall or wobble, but thats the fun.
ROLE : Design, art direction
CLIENT • Animal Family
Created by a mother and daughter, this brand is reviving a t-shirt business ran by the mom in the 90s. With the company being somewhat of a resurrection, the identity harnesses a classic and handmade quality.
ROLE : Design, art direction
With trusted information around the election feeling more important than ever, Axios is campaigning to be the go-to news source for readers. The posters were created to build intrigue in passerbys, to feel political, yet not partisan, holding true to the Axios mission to be an unbiased source.
AXIOS 2020
ROLE : Design
These identities were created for various editorial series at Refinery29.